How to Become a Certified Instructor

If you’re looking for a way to turn your love of skiing and snowboarding into a legit career or to become a better teacher, pursuing PSIA-AASI certification is for you. Certifications are badges of honor that symbolize your credibility and expertise. PSIA-AASI’s national certification standards mean that no matter where you come from, you’ll teach to the same standards as thousands of PSIA-AASI members across the country.

Certification Levels

PSIA-AASI offers Level I, II, and III certification in the following disciplines:

  • Adaptive
  • Adaptive Snowboard
  • Alpine
  • Cross Country
  • Snowboard
  • Telemark

Members must first have a primary certification (in a discipline above) in order earn one of these certificates:

  • Children’s Specialist 1, 2
  • Freestyle Specialist 1, 2, 3

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PSIA-AASI Certification Standards

Certification standards provide a consistent training framework to help you meet certification goals. They represent a minimum standard of competency needed as you advance in each level of certification. The standards are the same across the United States, transferrable from division to division. No matter where you live, once you’re certified by PSIA-AASI, you’ll teach from the same platform and to the same standards as PSIA-AASI members from across the country!

Learn more about becoming a member and join PSIA-AASI today.