International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) Stamp
Are you a certified Level III member planning a trip to enjoy the slopes in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada or South America? Apply for an International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) Passbook before you go, and it might help you get discounted lift tickets. While it’s up to the individual resorts to determine if the ISIA Passbook confers discounts or benefits at that resort, the $25 you spend could be a sound investment in access to foreign resorts. The ISIA Passbook may also prove beneficial if you are applying for a job at an international resort.

International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) Card
Soon, PSIA AASI will be offering the ISIA Card. The card is the highest level of international snowsports certification and comes after the ISIA Stamp. To receive the card, all members must meet the Stamp requirements as well the card requirements. The application for this card will be available soon.

View Card Requirements

Stamp Requirements

  • Please read these important ISIA Stamp Application Requirements
  • Must be a current PSIA-AASI member
  • Must have a Level III certification
  • Must be current in required continuing education credits
  • NOTE: Current Passbook and Stamp holders are NOT grandfathered into the new ISIA stamp requirements. All ISIA Stamp 2019 applicants must meet the new requirements!

How to Apply

  • The 2019 ISIA Card application will be available soon.
  • For a 2019 ISIA Stamp, download the ISIA Stamp Application
  • Upon receipt of your application, please allow up to two weeks for your Passbook/Stamp to arrive in the mail. Please plan ahead; and if you have a tight deadline call Member Services at 303.987.9390.