PSIA-AASI Members Are Your Customers and Brand Advocates

These official suppliers and partners provide support for PSIA-AASI educational programs and access to quality products and services. (PSIA-AASI members can click here for member-only offers.)

PSIA-AASI members each teach an average of 20 days a winter and see a minimum of 8 students a day. That’s 5 million students reached by PSIA-AASI members each year. No other organization can connect millions of guests to skiing, snowboarding, and associated brands like PSIA-AASI.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, advertising, and more, contact CJ Lambrecht, supervisor of partnerships and sales, call: 720.963.4836 or .

Industry Partners

Working with industry partners helps PSIA-AASI improve the member experience to make learning to ski and ride easier and more fun!

Industry partnerships:

  • Advocate for the snowsports and/or the outdoor industry.
  • Collaborate on education initiatives to improve resources for members.
  • Facilitate sustainability initiatives.
  • Grow participation and increase retention.
  • Support guests to help make learning to ski or snowboard more affordable and accessible.