Video Tips from PSIA-AASI and REI

Ski lessons aren’t just for beginners, you can always improve skills at any level! Watch these videos to learn intermediate and advanced ski techniques. In this video series, produced by REI Co-op, professional instructor Mac Lyon and PSIA-AASI National Team member Robin Barnes help you develop skills to take your skiing from good to great. If you like what you learn, take a ski lesson to learn even more.

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PSIA-AASI National Team member Jennifer Simpson Weier skis down a run

How to Carve

Learning how to carve lets you feel the power of your skis and gives you better turning precision. In this video, Mac explains how to angle your skis through your turns so you can carve.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Roll your knees and ankles to help you turn.
  • Keep your weight forward.
  • Turn.

How to Hop Turn

Use hop turns to help you get down ungroomed runs at a resort,  such as a couloir, which is …. and chutes. A hop turn helps you ski terrain when you don’t have enough space to make a regular turn. In this video, Mac explains this technique, including getting low and exploding up.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Get low and then jump off the snow while turning around your ski pole.
  • Plant your pole and bend your hips, knees, and ankles to absorb your landing.

How to Kick Turn

Kick turns are a great way to help you change directions and help you get off the groomers to explore other parts of the resort that are not groomed. They help you change direction in a tight spot. In this video, Mac shares how to do a kick turn.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Place your poles.
  • Bring your downhill ski around.
  • Shift your weight.
  • Bring your uphill ski around to complete the turn.

How to Pole Plant

Pole planting helps you maintain control when skiing non-groomed terrain. In this video, Mac shows you how to do blocking pole plants to move on a steep slope. This skill helps you decide the size of your turn shape and manage your turn speed anywhere on the mountain.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Plant your pole at the same time you set your edge.
  • Engage your pole plant to ski around the pole.

Get into position for your next turn.

How to Ski Moguls

Using the right technique helps you easily ski bump runs. In this video, Robin shows you: how to stay in balance, how to find an easier line through the bumps, and where to find a faster line.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Maintain your balance.
  • Find an easy line.
  • Choose a fast and challenging line.

How to Ski Powder

In this video, Robin shows you how to ski deep powder, get the most out of your powder days by maintaining your balance, using your legs to steer, and maintaining your speed.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Find your balance.
  • Narrow your stance.
  • Use your poles to your advantage.
  • Steer your skis to float over powder.

How to Ski Steeps

Skiing steep terrain is thrilling once you’ve mastered the skills and techniques to get you down the mountain. In this video, Robin covers how to stay balanced, how to skid your turns to control your speed, and how to pick the right line for your skiing.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Stay balanced.
  • Use your poles to your advantage.
  • Use skidded turns to your advantage.
  • Choosing the best line.

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If you want to take your skills to the next level, there is no better way to learn than to take a lesson from a professional instructor. Visit the Take a Lesson page for more tips. Have fun, and see you on the slopes!