2024-28 PSIA-AASI National Team Coach Interview: Geoff Krill

The 2024-28 PSIA-AASI National Team Coaching Staff was announced Jan. 31, solidifying the educational foundation for the upcoming new team selection, goal-setting process, and hosting of Interski in Vail, Colorado, in 2027.

We would like to congratulate the coaches and team on the upcoming completion of their current PSIA-AASI National Team term, and thank them for their commitment to the 2021-24 PSIA-AASI National Team’s success and innovation.

In this interview series, the coaches discuss how they plan to continue to build on the current team’s success and innovation as they prepare to guide the 2024-28 PSIA-AASI National Team into the future. Here, PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team Coach Geoff Krill talks about all the opportunities he sees for the adaptive discipline – and all instructors – in the future.

Q: What does it mean to you to coach this new team, and how do you challenge yourself to make sure you and everyone on the team are in a position to give their best?

A: With every new team comes the opportunity to build upon what the previous players have brought to the sport along with fresh new ideas and concepts. As coach, it is my role to provide an area for exploration, creativity, and growth. Without that at the forefront, we can never see what potential may blossom from it.

Q: I think everyone in PSIA-AASI would be fascinated to know how you take a group of such self-motivated instructor/athletes and give them opportunities to keep improving. How do you do that?

A: It starts with listening. I love providing a safe space for experimentation of thought and movement. To provide growth, failure must first be embraced at any level to gain progress. The team is a think tank of mad scientists who are provided with the platform to effect change and evolution within our sliding disciplines.

Q: One of the most impressive traits of the current team is how they worked together for the benefit of PSIA-AASI members by collaborating across disciplines, with a “ONEteam” approach to identify best practices for all snowsports instruction. What is key to keeping the momentum going?

A: Being the coach for adaptive has always provided me with the best opportunity to be the true representation of “ONEteam.” My Team has been traditionally made up of snowboard and alpine skiers alike. My perspective on this is that adaptive disciplines only progress through greater knowledge within the core of alpine, snowboard, and cross country. This collaboration will be at the forefront of a new team, while continuing to build upon the strong tradition of training across disciplines.

Q: What are some of the key leadership traits you’ll be looking for as you identify who will make the new team at Team Selection in April at Big Sky, Montana, especially as you build a completely new “ONEteam?”

A: Collaboration and adaptability are two traits that come to the forefront for me as we head into tryouts. The ability to work with others without ego or agenda is an important characteristic. The project work and taskforce participation demands put on team members make these essential. Outside of that, It is very important for our leaders to exemplify our People Skills Fundamentals at the highest levels for our membership.

Q: Are there specific opportunities you see in your own discipline, and how might the new team take advantage of them?

A: One area that I see tremendous growth potential is within the cross country discipline. I have high hopes that this new adaptive team will help to drive more opportunities and educational materials to round out the support that has traditionally been emphasized around alpine and snowboard. This is just the beginning.

Q: The 2024-28 National Team will enjoy hosting Interski 2027 in Vail, Colorado. How does having this event in the United States galvanize the team and provide a generational opportunity to promote the benefits of all snowsports instruction?

A: The United States has been a respected innovator within the snowsports industry for some time. Bringing an event like this home will allow our membership to take part on a large scale. Interski has literally been so foreign to them on the breadth and impact it has on a global scale to our sport. The ability to showcase what we are to the industry on our home turf gives an opportunity to energize and elevate PSIA-AASI as an organization. For me, this is a career defining opportunity for everyone involved.

Q: There are so many ways this team can enhance the member experience for all PSIA-AASI members. How do you think this team will take us into the future of U.S. Snowsports Instruction?

A: The future team has the privilege of bringing to life the Strategic Alignment Initiative. They will be the team who will bring consistent messaging and process throughout all our regions. This team is the one that puts a capstone on the efforts of so many of the past few teams that initiated this process and will be remembered for its implementation. It’s truly an honor as they are standing on the shoulders of giants who have brought snowsports instruction to a place many of our founders could only hope could come to life. I am counting on our new team to see us through.