National Team 2021-24: Meet Geoff Krill

Geoff Krill is a member of the 2021-24 PSIA-AASI National Team where he will help set the standard for snowsports instruction. PSIA-AASI hand-selected the 37 team members – 8 coaches and 29 team members – for their range of skills that allow them to serve as inspirational leaders and build enthusiasm for learning and having fun skiing and riding.

Meet PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team Coach Geoff Krill.

geoff krill skis on an adaptive mono-ski

Where is your home mountain?

Loon Mountain, New Hampshire

What other occupations are you involved in?

Resiliency specialist and motivational/public speaker, Chief Facilitator of Fun at Eastern Adaptive Sports, Adaptive Examiner for the PSIA-AASI Eastern Division, Training Manager for the Loon Ski and Snowboard School.

Describe a teaching or learning experience that sticks out in your mind.

I always go back to my first time learning to Mono ski after my injury. I was a skier before, and I was not prepared to learn from the beginning all over again. The experience taught me learning is hard, and that without the right direction and input the learner might struggle and fail. My career as an instructor is based on that learning moment. The first turn is the most important turn to make successfully – after that it’s all fun!

What are your specialties as a team member?

My ability to bridge the gap between the adaptive and other sliding sports. I am passionate about adaptive sports and always willing to contribute and help innovate so the sports can progress.

Any relevant certifications?

PSIA-AASI Adaptive Level III, Adaptive Snowboard Level I, and Children’s Specialist 1 Credentials.

Anything else?

Adaptive sports are a defining contributor to my life both personally and professionally. My passion and drive to bring success to others through quality instruction and opportunities is what drives me every day, and will continue to drive me.

Who is your greatest inspiration as an instructor?

I have so many that have molded my approach to teaching and learning along the way. I will tell you the instructors who inspire me the most are the ones who are willing to try something new and have the patience and fortitude to see a level of independence within every student encounter.

Best part of teaching?

Teaching is different every day, and when you think you own it you fail and are humbled while trying to pick up the pieces. The challenge is what forces us to innovate and try new things, and it’s what I love about teaching.

What’s your favorite run at your home mountain?

Upper Rumrunner to Coolidge is definitely my go to! Why? Because it’s the race trail and a place of many great memories. Most of all I run gates with my kids on it.