Important Update About a New Official Supplier

As an education association, it’s PSIA-AASI’s goal to find new and innovative ways we can help you, and all of our members, continue to create lifelong adventures through education while you work, play and explore in the mountain environment.

I’m very pleased to announce that – as of July 1, 2020 – we’re entering a new partnership with The North Face to provide you with access to cutting-edge performance gear for all facets of your outdoor life. As a champion of exploration for more than 50 years, The North Face is committed to making your outdoor adventures more rewarding and supporting your passion for helping the next generation of skiers and riders explore the joy of snowsports safely and responsibly.

The North Face and PSIA-AASI share many values, and we’re excited to give you access to the company’s apparel, gear, tools, and resources you need to work in the environment we all love. I’m looking forward to watching this partnership grow – to find more ways to drive education programming that can help increase demand for our sport too.

And our new partners at The North Face feel the same way. “Quality ski and snowboard instruction is foundational for mountain athletes,” said Scott Mellin, Global VP of Mountain Sports at The North Face. “Safe, well-organized entry into the sport is imperative to ensure a quality experience and retention of the next generation of skiers and riders. We are partnering with PSIA-AASI to catalyze their mission of providing ever-evolving curriculum and tools to the tens of thousands of instructor-members of this great organization.”

PSIA-AASI’s new partnership with The North Face means we’re closing the chapter on a very successful partnership with Patagonia, and I want to take this opportunity to thank Patagonia for the 17 years of tremendous support this company has given PSIA-AASI and its members. Our collaboration with Patagonia has supported our members out on the hill, helped us create a new sustainability statement, and educated us on how we can deliver on this statement. I know Patagonia will always be there for you, and for all of our members, and I hope members will appreciate and continue to support Patagonia for many years to come.

I’m excited to explore new products The North Face offers and to work with them to continue to drive the development of resources, technology, and functional gear for instructors.


Nicholas Herrin