PSIA-AASI certification is recognized across the country, and often can mean increased wages, additional benefits, and recognition

Personal and Professional Development: Educational Programs and Conventions
PSIA-AASI clinics and events are held throughout the country each season. These are invaluable opportunities to improve your skills as a teaching professional.

Member Benefits
Members have access to all sorts of benefits including discounts on lift tickets at various ski resorts (contact the resort ticket office to inquire), Pro deals on snowsports gear and accessories, publication subscriptions, plus access to a wide range of manuals, videos, and other materials to support PSIA education programs.  Check out the Membership section of our website for all the details.

Promoting the Association and You
PSIA-AASI cooperates with supporting sponsors to promote the value of ski instruction to the public. We also establish links with other snowsports organizations to strengthen the industry as a whole.