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Children's Specialist 1 Prep Webinar

Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2024 from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm MT
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Event Type: Webinar

Location: Online

Host Division: Intermountain

Registration Information:
- First Chair Rate: $60.00 (available through Tuesday, December 26)
- Last Chair Rate: $85.00
- CEUs: 3

Prerequisites: Current PSIA-AASI Membership, Must have level 1 certification in a primary discipline

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, December 26, 2023, 11:59 pm MT

Online Registration: CLOSED

Course Description:

The CS 1 Prep Course is a 2 hour webinar designed to prepare the participant for the CS 1 Assessment. The goal of this course is to introduce and explore the learning outcomes in the CS 1 Assessment. This goal will be reached by viewing the CS 1 Powerpoint in addition to a variety of guided activities focused at a CS 1 level of knowledge and application.

Course Learning Outcomes:The CS 1 Prep course will follow the Learning Connection Model's outline with children's specific criteria.

People Skills

  • To increase the ability to provide developmentally appropriate communication that meets the group's needs and the parent's needs.
  • To increase ability to manage intra-personal and interpersonal situations with the group of children as a whole and their parents in a developmentally appropriate manner

Teaching Skills

  • To increase ability to use provided information about children and parents to plan an agreed upon learning experiences through the intermediate zone.
  • To increase ability to deliver developmentally appropriate experiences and reduce physical risk and emotional risk.

Technical Skills

  • To increase ability to identify and compare characteristics of cognitive, affective and physical growth including psycho-motor development for a group of children, relative to snowsports, through the intermediate zone.
  • To increase ability to identify cause and effect relationships influenced by child growth, stages of psycho-motor development and equipment option and prescribes a solution for a single fundamental in a group setting through the intermediate zone.