Here’s how you can share your expertise in people skills, teaching skills, and/or technical skills with other snowsports instructors by submitting an article or idea for an article.

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A girl and her ski instructor elbow bump
PSIA Alpine Team member Robin Barnes teaches a beginner ski lesson.

How to Submit an Article

If you’ve already written an article about snowsports, teaching, or learning, you can submit your article to be considered for publication in 32 Degrees. Your article MUST be submitted by using this form. Article submissions will not be accepted by email.

Your article will be reviewed by subject-matter experts for relevance and technical accuracy. If your article passes this review process, and the PSIA-AASI editorial team decides it’s a good fit for 32 Degrees, your article will undergo a thorough collaborative editing process.

Consider the following BEFORE submitting your article:

  • What is timely, engaging, or new about this article?
  • What will instructors learn from reading your article?
  • Is your article less than 1,000 words? Your article will NOT be considered if it’s longer than 1,000 words. (If we feel the article warrants expansion, we’ll address that in the editing process.)
  • Have you read your article out loud to yourself two or three times to get a feel for how it flows? Did you double-check for typos and grammatical errors?
  • Do you have photos, diagrams, or other visual elements to include? Your article will benefit from visual elements – and they have to be high-resolution for print use. Learn more about how to submit images.
  • Review deadlines.
  • Review compensation.

Please note: Submitting your article does not guarantee its publication. The 32 Degrees editorial team focuses on content that is timely, accurate, informative, and engaging. It’s a competitive submission process. Final publication status hinges on the editorial team’s assessment of reviewer recommendations and editorial needs. 

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How to Submit an Idea for an Article (aka “Query”)

Submitting your article idea, often called “a query” in publishing terms, means you are pitching your article idea to the 32 Degrees editorial team before you write your article. You’ll want to describe your topic, why it’s relevant to instructors, and what readers will learn from your article.

If the editorial team gives you the thumbs up to write an article, you’ll be given a maximum word count and deadline for uploading the article and images through the article submission form. After you submit your article, it will be assessed and, if accepted for publication, edited.

Please note: Approval of your query doesn’t guarantee publication of the resulting article. Your article still goes through the article review process.  

Rider Rally 2021
A mom teachers her kids to ski.

How to Submit Photos

Submit photos or images when you send in your article or idea for an article.

  • Photos must be shot at high resolution (300 dpi at a size of at least 4 x 6 inches). Your file size should be a minimum of 1MB and saved in JPEG, TIF, or RAW format without compression.
  • Photos taken on a smart phone typically work if the file size is not compressed.
  • Add  captions for photos and/or include placement callouts in the article text, as needed. Provide the name and contact information for the photographer (if not yourself) as well as the names of the subjects whenever possible.
  • Photos must be crisp, with proper brightness and contrast and the subject prominent in the frame.
  • The form for submitting articles asks you if you also have a related video. If you have video, check the box.
  • Learn more tips for photos and videos.


Deadlines for submission of articles are:

  • Fall Issue: May 15
  • Winter Issue: July 15
  • Spring Issue: September 15


Publishing an article in 32 Degrees puts your name in front of your peers, helps you build up your writing portfolio, establishes you as an expert in your field, and lets you share ideas and helpful teaching strategies with colleagues. Unsolicited submissions are welcomed, and authors/photographers will receive one complimentary copy of the issue in which their work is published, but no monetary compensation. PSIA-AASI only pays for articles it assigns to authors.