First Chair Podcast Catches Up with Members of the 2024-28 National Team

PSIA-AASI named the members of the 2024-28 National Team after an extensive tryout process that culminated in Big Sky, Montana, last month.

Whether it’s their first time on the team, or their second, third, or fourth term, each instructor had to reach the peak of their teaching and technical skills to even be considered for a spot on the roster. Here, new team member Melodie Buell and returning team member Chris Rogers share some of the highlights – and challenges – of their personal journey.

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Meet New National Team Member Melodie Buell

PSIA-AASI First Chair Podcast Host George Thomas catches up with Melodie Buell, who was named a new member of the PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team. Melodie talks in particular about some of the obstacles she faced before National Team tryouts.

She also offers insight on the importance of mindset and adapting to adversity and how that goes a long way in fueling her desire to persevere. George asks about the mental and physical effort of going through the selection process and some of the tasks candidates were asked to perform. Tune in to hear more about the selection process and the emotions that come from making the team.


Catch Up with Returning National Team Member Chris Rogers

In this episode, George catches up with National Team member Chris Rogers, who was selected for his third term on the AASI Snowboard Team. Hear why Chris decided to try out again for the team and what he’s experienced during his first two terms.

George also asks about some of the exciting upcoming events that played a role in Chris’s decision to pursue a third term. To learn more about the PSIA-AASI National Team and the Team Selection process, visit