2024 PSIA-AASI Team Selection: Thank You to the Selectors!

PSIA-AASI officially announced the 2024-28 National Team last week in Big Sky, Montana, and like anyone who ever decided to try out for the team, they can give thanks for the support of an untold number of family, friends, and fellow instructors.

The same can be said for the hard work of this term’s team of official selectors. From current and past team coaches, past team members, and some of the country’s top examiners and educators, thousands of hours were put into evaluating team candidates’ cover letters, writing samples, video introductions, and social media video tips – and that’s all before they even arrived in Montana.

Once on the snow, and during indoor and outdoor presentations, the selectors put the utmost thought and examination into fair consideration of each person’s technical, teaching, and people skills.

“How seriously each of the selectors took the process put into ensuring that PSIA-AASI has the best team they can possibly have for now and for the future really is a testament to how much everyone cares about this association,” said Angelo Ross, PSIA-AASI Education Development Manager. “It’s the same for how seriously everyone who tried out took the process as well.”

He added, “The selection event and the content we developed from the Academies reinforces what we do and why, and is key to how we keep building this community.”

Thank you, selectors!

Pete Allison, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Values and Experiential Learning, Penn State University
Scott Anfang, former AASI Snowboard Team Coach
Amy Gan Bailey, former AASI Snowboard Team member, Snowboard Programs and Training Manager, Stratton Mountain
Jonathan Ballou, former PSIA Alpine Team member, Vice President Mountain Sales & Schools at Aspen Snowmass
Robin Barnes, former PSIA Alpine Team member, Heavenly Mountain Resort Director of Skier Services,
Mermer Blakeslee, former PSIA Alpine Team member
Jeb Boyd, PSIA-AASI National Team Coach
Matt Boyd, PSIA Alpine Team Development Coach
Ryan Christofferson, former PSIA Alpine Team member
Lane Clegg, former AASI Snowboard Team Coach, Utah Snowboarding Inc. Founder/Director
Catherine Crim, PSIA-AASI NW Telemark Examiner
Gregory Dixon, PSIA Telemark Team Coach
Heidi Ettlinger, former PSIA Alpine Team member, Women’s Summit Founder
Zeke Fashingbauer, PSIA Cross Country Team Coach
Chris Fellows, former PSIA Alpine Team member, North American Ski Training (NASTC) Founder/Director
Ellen Post Foster, former PSIA Alpine Team member, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame member
Dave Gregory, Director of Education at PSIA-RM
Ron Kipp, PSIA-AASI Alpine Educator, Examiner, Ski Coach, and Sport Scientist
Robin Kisiel, PSIA-AASI RM Examiner

Sue Kramer, PSIA Alpine Examiner Coach, author of Fit to Ski
Geoff Krill, PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team Coach
Carol Levine, former PSIA Alpine Team member
Eric Lipton, former PSIA Alpine Team member, SNOW Operating COO
Emily Lovett, former PSIA-AASI Cross Country Team Coach
Tony Macri, AASI Snowboard Team Development Coach
Brennan Metzler, former AASI Snowboard Team member, IFSA Executive Director
Genevieve Pilotto, Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) Program Director
Mike Porter, former PSIA Demo Team member and coach, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame member
Michael Rogan, PSIA Alpine Team Technical Coach
Eric Rolls, AASI Snowboard Team Technical Coach, Sports School Director at Woodward Park City
Angelo Ross, PSIA-AASI Education Development Manager
Dave Schuiling, PSIA-AASI Director of Education
Eric Sheckleton, former AASI Snowboard Team member, former PSIA-AASI Board Chair, Interski International President
Jennifer Simpson Weier, former PSIA Alpine Team member
Rob Sogard, former PSIA-AASI Alpine Team coach, Vice President Skier Services at Deer Valley
Josh Spoelstra, former AASI Snowboard Team and PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team member
Robin Tencick, Examiner emeritus, PSIA-AASI RM, Director of Mountain Operations at Keystone Resort