Preparing for High Altitude Skiing and Riding: Just Add Water

PSIA-AASI National Team Coach Jeb Boyd and the entire team can’t wait to welcome you to National Academy, Rider Rally, Adaptive Academy, and Telemark Academy at Big Sky in April.

These annual events provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate a successful snowsports teaching season while skiing and riding Big Sky’s incredible breadth of terrain with some of the association’s most advanced instructors.

While freshly tuned gear, sunscreen, and even snow safety equipment from PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Backcountry Access may already be on your must-pack checklist – especially if you plan to ride some of the area’s legendary off-piste options – Jeb said one essential item to your fun and safety is already waiting for you in Montana.

It’s water!

“Staying hydrated is key to your fun, health, and overall satisfaction at National Academy,” Jeb said. “Especially, as is often the case, you’re coming from lower elevations to be here.”

The summit of Big Sky tops out at 11,166 feet and the area boasts an amazing vertical drop of 4,350 feet, which means that from top to bottom, oxygen levels are lower.

“I really do advise all our attendees to make a plan to keep drinking water throughout the day and night at Big Sky,” Jeb said. “It sounds simple. But the more you do, the better time you’re going to have while you’re there.”

Top 5 Reasons H2O Is Key to Your Best Academy Experience

  1. It Helps Prevent Altitude Sickness: It’s pretty simple, staying hydrated prevents dehydration, which also prevents the no-fun side-effects of altitude sickness, which include headaches, fatigue, and nausea.
  2. It Helps Prime Your Body: Hydration also optimizes your muscle function, which means you perform better in the bumps, on the steeps, and everywhere on the mountain where this Academy takes you. Which means you also ride more safely.
  3. It Helps Regulate Your Body Temperature: Water helps your body stay in the perfect temperature zone – especially in the shifting conditions at a big mountain like Big Sky. Don’t get too cold and don’t overheat as you focus on the terrain in front of you.
  4. It Helps Keep Your Head in the Game: A lack of hydration can also lead to you not thinking clearly. Your cognitive function is key to your physical performance. Especially here.
  5. It Helps You Recover Faster: You’re going to be riding hard with great people all week at Big Sky, which means you’ll also be tired. Hydration is key to physical recovery. Especially when it comes to replenishing nutrients to your muscles.

Travel well and remember to hydrate in Big Sky. We’ve got plenty of water available and can’t wait to see you. Cheers!

As a reminder, there are still spaces available for Rider Rally and Adaptive Academy. Both events provide an incredible opportunity to network and take advantage of professional development opportunities while having fun on the slopes. Registration closes Sunday, March 31.