Lange Unveils New Race Boot Standard in Aerodynamic Skiing

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Lange announced this week the brand’s new ski boot standard in aerodynamic skiing. The new RS Race boot, tested in partnership with the Formula 1 Sauber-Alfa Romeo Racing Team in a laboratory wind tunnel in Zurich, Switzerland, is built for high-performance skiing.

The technology optimizes the shape of the 3D-molded shell and new buckles to reduce the coefficient of friction and air drag. The new RS boot is more aerodynamic than ever.

Lange’s all-new Air Flow technology is complemented by another flagship innovation: Race Flex Adjust, a plate at the back of the boot that enhances energy transmission between the shell and the cuff. The softer flex insert offers the ability to soften the flex without energy loss.

The plate replaces the two conventional screws familiar to all racers. The softer insert offers the ability to soften the flex without creating play between the ski and the boot when initiating turns. The new RS has been designed as an intricate assembly of parts, each delivering maximum performance while harmoniously interfacing for optimal efficiency.

The new RS has a new liner that goes beyond performance to provide a certain level of comfort. Directly inspired by racing, it is designed with a microfiber external and minimal seams. The lacing system has been reworked to maximize the connection and closure of the liner. Specific thermoformable paddings have been positioned on the ankles for greater customization. In addition, the liner has a removable spoiler for adjusting forward lean.

“For over 70 years progression has been the obsession of our ‘True Blue Team,’” the brand stated in a press release announcing the launch of the new boot, which is built for performance-minded skiers focused on racing and on-piste skiing. “The pursuit of speed sets a course that guides and unites us all. This constant quest for innovation and performance has led to the creation of the new generation of RS, the iconic Lange model. More fluid and aerodynamic, our new RS is a gem of marginal gains to offer skiers looking for absolute performance and even more speed!”

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