PSIA-AASI 2024-28 National Team Coaching Staff Announced

The 2024-28 PSIA-AASI National Team Coaching Staff was announced today, Jan. 31, 2024, solidifying the educational foundation for the upcoming new team selection, goal-setting process, and strategic alignment initiative that will guide the new team in the years come, including hosting Interski in Vail, Colorado, in 2027.

The coaching staff includes:

Adaptive Coach – Geoff Krill

Alpine Technical Coach – Michael Rogan

Alpine Development Coach – Matt Boyd

Cross Country Coach – Zeke Fashingbauer

Snowboard Technical Coach – Eric Rolls

Snowboard Development Coach – Tony Macri

Telemark Coach – Greg Dixon

“We had 18 ultra-qualified individuals apply to lead our National Team Disciplines into the next four-year term,” said PSIA-AASI National Team Coach Jeb Boyd. “We’re super excited to see so many people express their interest, which shows amazing depth for our association and great promise for our future.”

“Consistency was the main driver in the selection of our coaching staff,” Jeb added. “The criteria we used was simple, an evaluation of past performance/qualifications, consistency, which will allow us to pick up where we left off with our pursuit of strategic alignment, and a group of coaches who can work well together as a ‘team’ of coaches.”

A PSIA-AASI Team coach is a collaborator, influencer, and inspiration to help others achieve their potential. They will play a critical role in the PSIA-AASI strategic education alignment initiative and help unite around the values, goals, and Ends identified by the association. The entire Coaching Team focuses on the traditional team values of inspirational people skills, decision-making skills, teaching skills, and skiing/riding ability.

“Building on the success of a larger coaching staff working as a team, the expectations were more clearly defined on how to optimize the team’s impact for the association as a leader in snowsports education and the premier experience for members and guests,” said PSIA-AASI Director of Education Dave Schuiling.

The hiring committee, made up of Schuiling, Education Development Manager Angelo Ross, and Boyd, unanimously agreed that it takes a significant amount of time to get good in the role of coach, and that this group will be able to take the team to the next level of performance.

“That next level is made up of ONEness among our teammates, accountability, and feedback opportunities to our teammates, and a commitment to helping our association complete its pursuit toward alignment around a singular vision, mission, and process for certification,” Jeb said. “Our goals moving forward are simple. We will balance the strong traditions of the institution of the National Team, with the evolution of the team to remain relevant and a critical resource to our association and its many stakeholders.”

Jeb said he would like, “To honor those coaches who came before us and thank them for paving the way to this point. I’d especially like to acknowledge Emily Lovett, who will be retiring from the cross country coaching role at the end of this year. She has done an incredible job leading cross country and has left a significant impact on the sport. While she will still be around as a resource to the team in the future, she was critical in our pursuit of ONEteam and the evolution of cross country skiing.

He added that, “I’d also like to acknowledge our National Teammates who are leading many of our Task Forces. They’re a critical link in our strategic alignment and function as a singular voice with the help of subject matter experts from across the country. The Task Forces provide the horsepower to our association when it comes time to get things done and have a voice that speaks for everyone across our huge nation. From our coaches to our TF Leaders, to our Teammates, to our TF members, we’re in a great place to tackle all that lies ahead.”

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