New Podcasts Are Live! Hear About Team Training, Injury Prevention, and Weather Predictions

Every week, the PSIA-AASI First Chair Podcast brings snowsports instructors lively, informative interviews from around the ski and snowboard industry.

In these three new podcasts, hear about PSIA-AASI National Team Training in Keystone, Colorado, Injury Prevention plans for the upcoming season, and PSIA-AASI’s Andy Stein’s big winter weather prediction.

(The links in each of these stories take you to the SoundCloud Podcast Community pages. You can also now listen to the entire First Chair Podcast library on Spotify).

Team Training 2023 With Jeb Boyd, Head Coach of the PSIA-AASI National Team

First Chair podcast host George Thomas catches up with Jeb Boyd, the head coach for the PSIA-AASI National Team. George and Jeb talk about Team Training 2023, where the team was able to focus on this year’s messaging and what each member’s own professional development plans. Despite the lack of snow, the team was able to make the most of the entire week with great conversation and planning.

Listen to Jeb’s Podcast

Sue Kramer On Injury Prevention – Podcast and Webinar Available

Sue Kramer has created and hosts a webinar that is available to PSIA-AASI members (see link below) where you will learn multiple exercises for developing core stability, agility, balance, and strength specific to skiing. These exercises can be practiced throughout the fall to develop ski-specific movement patterns. Restorative training is a great way to stay loose and relaxed during the on-snow season.

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Listen to Sue’s Podcast

And Now the Weather with Andy Stein

Andy Stein, who is the Digital Marketing Manager for PSIA-AASI, is also a degreed meteorologist with a decade of experience on local and national television. Andy talks about the upcoming El Niño winter and last winter’s La Nina and goes in-depth about what it’s like to forecast and how far meteorology has come in recent decades.

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