PSIA-AASI National Team Training Kicks Off in Colorado

The PSIA-AASI National Team is training in Colorado this week, focusing on professional development, top takeaways from Interski 2023 in Levi, Finland, and next steps to align the association’s certification processes by May 2026.

“We’re looking forward to celebrating the team and their successful presentations at Interski, tying everyone into how far we’ve come with strategic alignment and where we need to go next, and toward the end of the week spending time with many of our valuable suppliers,” said PSIA-AASI Director of Education Dave Schuiling.

Schuiling said the team remains hopeful that a cold snap might still open a window for A-Basin to make enough snow to open during training. In the meantime, the disciplines are enjoying working together in person with indoor workshops throughout and team dinners in the evening.

“It’s amazing how much this team has accomplished in just three years instead of the usual four, and we’re excited to keep building on that momentum for the rest of this season as we continue to present snowsports education with value and integrity,” said Schuiling.

PSIA-AASI Team Coach Jeb Boyd said that during team training and throughout the season, the team will continue to focus on a consistent, streamlined message that supports the strategic alignment initiative and educational unification across the country.

“Typically, a mantra for the national team is ‘Tight on Concept, Loose on Detail,’” said Boyd. “What this means is we agree on how we use the Learning ConnectionSM Model, but are loose in how we can put our own personality into our delivery. While this is a hallmark of a national team member, we’ve asked the team to be tight on concept and tight on detail as we work through strategic alignment and how the team plays such a strong supporting role in this initiative. The shift in this case is to ensure consistency of messaging as an outcome of the event and as they scatter across the country back to their home regions, home resorts, and the many events they do.”

The National Team is made up of the top ski and snowboard instructors from across the country. These professionals are some of the best skiers and riders in the game, and they are inspirational educators and lifelong learners. Every four years, 30 men and women are chosen to represent the association following a rigorous selection process.

Team members are responsible for promoting, supporting, and assisting with the development of PSIA-AASI education materials, programs, and activities at all levels. They set the standard for U.S. snowsports instruction and embody the ski and snowboard experience. In addition, they serve as the association’s key influencers, helping people improve their game and navigate individual professional growth within the organization by motivating, promoting, supporting, and demonstrating professional excellence.

Meet the Team

The 2024 National Team Selection process will open Jan. 12, 2024, culminating with an on-snow selection process April 21-25 in Big Sky, Montana.

Building on the accomplishments of the current team, the focus for 2024-28 National Team, across all disciplines, will be to provide content, expertise, and experiences relevant to association membership, industry stakeholders, and the current strategic alignment initiatives.

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