New Video: Why the Guest Experience Is Everything!

Building on the theme of Interski 2023, in Levi, Finland, which spotlighted the guest experience of all snowsports school students — and snowsports instructors — this video celebrates the impact every positive ski or snowboard experience can have on the people we teach.

Narrated by PSIA-AASI Board Chair Eliza Kuntz, PSIA-AASI CEO Peggy Hiller, and President, Interski Presidium Eric Sheckleton, the video emphasizes how a lesson can create a passion for snowsports that will change a person’s life for the better.

“It’s about having empathy for your students, understanding what it is that will bring joy to that person and doing your best to do that,” said Sheckleton.

Hiller shared that instructors should always keep in mind that we’re trying to build passion and learning for our students, and that “Focusing on the guest helps center why we do what we do and helps us all be successful in growing our industry.”

“If we can really provide an entire guest experience, not just one to ski or ride,” Kuntz said, “then that will truly be a successful day on the mountain.”