Aflac Can Help with Expenses Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Over the past year, about a quarter of employees have faced a major medical event. Of these, 93% faced unexpected expenses, most commonly medical-related costs such as hospital stays, doctor visits or prescription bills. During this time, 70% took a leave of absence and 64% missed a paycheck.1

In even worse news, health insurance wasn’t designed to cover everything. That’s why Aflac is a trusted partner. We can help take care of the expenses health insurance doesn’t cover, so you can take care of everything else.

Did you know that more than half, 58%, of Americans could not cover an out-of-pocket expense of $1,000?1 Whether expected or unexpected, an illness or accident can leave you with a great deal of treatment fees on top of your other everyday expenses.

Rest easy knowing Aflac can help and is available to you. Aflac pays you cash benefits directly* to help with these expenses, so you can focus on getting better and not your finances.

Our supplemental policies offer a full suite of products that can help cover your unique needs. With policies such as accident, cancer and critical illness, Aflac supplemental insurance provides an additional layer of financial protection for you and your family.

As the No. 1 provider of supplemental health insurance products,2 Aflac offers benefits from routine preventative care to major accidents to help ensure you can focus on recovery.

For more than 65 years, Aflac has been helping provide peace of mind when our policyholders need it most. To learn more, get to know us by visiting

*Unless otherwise assigned

1 Aflac WorkForces Report, 2022-23.

2 LIMRA 2021 U.S. Supplemental Health Insurance Total Market Report.