Professional Development Plan: National Team Member Emily Lovett

Congratulations to the 2021-24 PSIA-AASI National Team for all the work they’ve done promoting, supporting, and assisting with the development of PSIA-AASI education materials, programs, and activities at all levels.

As the team enters its final season, team coaches and members reflect on the work they’ve done for the association, their personal accomplishments, and their professional development plans — including how they think those plans can help you reach your goals this season.

PSIA Cross Country Team Coach Emily Lovett

Q: This team has achieved a lot in a short time — including representing the association at Interski 2023, continued refinement of the Learning Connection, and working toward the target date to align certification processes. What achievements stand out to you?

A: Teamwork and coming together as a team to deliver our message around the Learning Connection Model at Interski and in turn to our PSIA-AASI membership. We had to work together on this project with limited in-person time. I felt like as a team we realized it was game time, and we all did what it took to deliver the content in a professional and engaging manner. Supporting each other along the way was an important highlight and made it fun.

Q: Where do you want to improve this season, especially in regard to the individual people, teaching, and technical skills of the Learning Connection?

A: I’m still intrigued by the power of effective feedback. Continuing to tune in to meaningful and effective feedback creates more opportunity for learning and empowerment. Also, I want to continue to push the bar with experiential teaching methods. I think the PSIA Fundamentals are such a great platform to work from to deliver experiential learning environments for our members and clients. It empowers our clients to find ways that they connect to learning and improvement in their skiing/riding.

Q: What other professional goals do you have in terms of teaching and skiing?

A: I want to take every opportunity to be out on snow with members and clients. I love facilitating positive group dynamics in a learning environment and want to continue to have these opportunities. It sounds kind of basic, but as a team member and coach we wear a lot of different hats. Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize my favorite hat is still to be on snow with instructors and clients, learning together.

Q: How can you work with and learn from other instructors on this journey?

A: This is one of my favorite pieces of what we do. If I’m facilitating or taking a workshop or clinic, it’s so exciting how much we learn from each other. Creating a space where other instructors feel safe and open to share their thoughts and ideas is important for this to happen.

Q: How can your professional development plan help other instructors work to achieve their goals?

A: Modeling is the best way to share my professional development plan. Also, having a dialogue with each other on our personal development plans and being open to feedback and mentoring can create cool dynamics for development.

Q: What does being a member of the PSIA-AASI community mean to you, and how do you share that sense of belonging with the people you teach, as well as other snow pros?

A: Sharing the value of creating exceptional experiences on snow with our fellow members and clients is something that makes me feel a part of the PSIA-AASI community. The “belonging-ness” is that shared value of creating exceptional experiences and a sense that our learning never ends. We continue to learn from each other and with each other. Learning and exploring together really creates belonging.