Take Care of Your Technical Apparel with Toko Products

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Toko provides pro pricing on products you can add to your next laundry cycle to refresh all the weather and waterproof attributes of your technical outerwear.

Toko Eco Textile Wash, Eco Wool Wash, and Eco Down Wash enable you to wash your technical garments while restoring or protecting how your apparel was meant to function.

Use Eco Textile Wash to enhance the performance of non-elastic hard-shell outerwear. It’s ideal for breathable and other textile fabrics and will thoroughly dissolve and remove stubborn dirt stains with special active-wash components without stripping the durable water-resistant coating like cheaper detergents that contain strong enzymes.

Eco Wool Wash cleans but also reintroduces lanolin oil to the wool, which restores the natural function of the wool. Used for high-quality wool and merino clothing, it cleans wool and other fine textiles gently. A special maintenance balm with high-quality wool protein protects against felting and keeps textiles soft and supple.

Eco Down Wash cleans and reintroduces duck oil, which keeps the feathers plumped up and from sticking to each other, restoring loft and down performance. Use it for down-filled or synthetic clothing and sleeping bags.

Shop pro pricing on all these products, and all your other must-have apparel and accessories gear, at the PSIA-AASI Shop, to get your kit together for the season.

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