Register for Sue Kramer’s ‘Injury-Free Winter’ Webinar

You still have one week to register for the “Building a Fitness Foundation for Injury-Free Winter” webinar with Sue Kramer taking place Tuesday, June 27 from noon to 1 p.m. MT.

As part of the PSIA-AASI Summer Series, this webinar is one of the many interactive options PSIA-AASI is offering to help you keep your body and mind in shape for winter.

Plan to learn multiple exercises that will help you build a foundation of core stability, balance, and strength. You can practice these exercises during the summer, and they’ll give you the groundwork you need before you start your pre-season snowsports-specific training.

Expect to actively participate in the workout in real-time during this webinar. Watching this webinar from your home or your regular gym is highly recommended.

You’ll need several pieces of equipment to participate in this training session:

  1. A stationary bike, treadmill, or rowing machine
  2. Three sets of dumbbells of different weights
  3. A physioball
  4. A stopwatch

Registration Information:

  • Cost: $20
  • CEUs: 1
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