BCA Float E2 Airbags are Approved for Air Travel

Take your off-piste safety gear with you on your big spring – or summer in South America – adventure with the PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Backcountry Access Float E2 airbag.

Whether you’re flying overseas, or setting a new skin track, BCA’s new Float E2 airbags will get you there with minimal hassle. Using Alpride’s smaller, lighter E2 supercapacitor engine, the Float E2 is TSA-approved for air travel.

The dedicated Side Stash pocket enables you to access gear “on the fly” so you can focus on your guests, not on yourself, when setting that uptrack. After all, an avalanche airbag is safety equipment. Why would you take it off when you don’t have to?

The BCA Float avalanche airbag system is tested and proven to reduce trauma and keep you on the surface during an avalanche. Float airbags provide additional trauma protection to the head, neck, and upper body.

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