Interski 2023: Troy Walsh on the Opportunity to Learn

Held every four years, Interski is an international event that brings together top snowsports instructors from more than 40 countries. The PSIA-AASI National Team attends to present their latest teaching techniques and get insight into new ideas to bring back home to members. The discussions that take place at the event help PSIA-AASI refine its approach to training instructors and improving the guest experience.

Here, PSIA Alpine Team member Troy Walsh provides a preview of what the team will present at Interski 2023 in Levi, Finland, March 26 through March 31.

What are you most excited about in anticipation of Interski 2023?

I’m super excited about the work our team has put forward regarding the topics and presentations. It’s inspiring to work with this group. I’m also eager to learn from other countries, it’s always good to be a student.

Whether on-snow or indoors, what are you presenting, and how does that complement the team presentation?

I’m working with a group to present on instructor behaviors and decision-making. Digging deeper into the process of how and why we make decisions and the effect each decision has on the emotional and physical wellbeing of our students.

What are you most interested in learning from the other countries and their presentations?

I’m eager to see how other countries approach skiing and teaching. There is so much value in watching and moving through what other countries value in the sport.

What does the Interski 2023 theme, “The Guest Experience is Everything,” mean to you and PSIA-AASI’s approach to snowsports instruction?

I hope we’ll be learn how other countries approach the entire resort experiences. Snowsports are a major part of the resort experience in the winter, and it will be great to hear how we can expand our understanding in creating exceptional experiences for our guests.