Interski 2023: Tony Macri Ready to Focus on the Guest

Held every four years, Interski is an international event that brings together top snowsports instructors from more than 40 countries. The PSIA-AASI National Team attends to present their latest teaching techniques and get insight into new ideas to bring back home to members. The discussions that take place at the event help PSIA-AASI refine its approach to training instructors and improving the guest experience.

Here, AASI Snowboard Team Assistant and Development Coach Tony Macri provides a preview of what the team will present at Interski 2023 in Levi, Finland, March 26 through March 31.

What are you most excited about in anticipation of Interski 2023?

I’m most excited for several things. One is going to Finland, a place I’ve never been. As far as the actual event, I’m looking forward to hearing the evolution of other associations approach to teaching and how they’re focused on the guest. When I first started attending Interski events the focus was on technique and how you skied or snowboarded. So it’s great that now the event is more about teaching and how we can improve our lessons by focusing on the people we teach.

Whether on-snow or indoors, what are you presenting, and how does that complement the team presentation?

I’m focused on two specific presentations. One on-snow presentation with Lyndsey Stevens on the importance of our fundamentals in our assessment structure and how we teach, train, and assess. I’m also working on an indoor presentation with Stephanie Wilkerson on how we build community in snowboarding. This should be a cool presentation as it shows why people become lifelong snowboarders, especially in the teaching world.

How has your Interski preparations impacted how you approach your clinics, lessons, and coaching?

I’ve been asking more folks why they show up to trainings and assessments and what they love about teaching. This is a cool part of our indoor presentation, as you can really see people’s passion for self-development and the thirst for more involvement and knowledge while building community.

What does the Interski 2023 theme, “The Guest Experience is Everything,” mean to you and PSIA-AASI’s approach to snowsports instruction?

We’re excited about this year’s theme as it plays into our focus on the Learning Connection Model. The model, which places the student or guest in the center of the lesson, makes it easy now for us to talk about the Interski theme!