Toko Products and Video Tutorials Help You Take Care of Your Skins

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Toko has the products and video tutorials to help you take care of your skins so you can glide uphill with ease when you tour.

The first option, which is the most common, consists of using a hydrophobic liquid to make a skin water resistant. The Toko product for this is called Toko ECO Skin Proof. Watch this video to see how to apply skin proof and also avoid a very common mistake.

Especially in the spring, skins tend to pick up dirt, sap, and other kinds of dirt that will impede the performance of your skins. To clean your skins, use Toko Skin Cleaner. Watch this video to see how to apply skin cleaner while avoiding hurting the fibers of the skins or the glue that holds your skins on your ski.

For SkiMo, a effective way to waterproof skins is to hot wax them. This needs to be done with a very low iron temperature, just warm enough to make the wax molten enough to sink in the skin. If the iron is too hot, the fibers of the skin can melt or the glue will become ineffective and your ski might come apart or fall off your ski. This video demonstrates how to hot wax skins.

Save money when you buy all these products in Toko’s Skin Treatment Kit. The kit contains ECO Skin Proof, Skin Cleaner, and Base Tex. When you add it all up, including the zippered cordura bag which can be used as a wax kit, the Skin Treatment Kit should cost $51.50. As a kit it costs $38.50.

While most uphill skiers don’t seem to worry about sharpening their edges as the surface being skied on is generally soft, should one want a quick, inexpensive ($25), and easy tool to sharpen the side edge as well as remove any case hardened edge material from hitting rocks, Toko’s Express Tuner and Express Tuner Kit are good options.

Using the Express Tuner enables the skier to sharpen an 88 or 87 degree side angle (88 is most common for this type of skiing). The Express Tuner Kit includes a diamond stone that fits inside the tool and is effective for removing case hardened metal. This video demonstrates how to use this versatile tool.

You can access member-specific pricing on Toko products on the PSIA-AASI Shop.

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