PowerBar Introduces Compostable Packaging

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier PowerBar provides the fuel you need for a long day on the mountain when you’re teaching as well as when you’re taking on outdoor adventures in the offseason.

Now PowerBar also helps you feel better about how you treat the planet with garden-compostable, plastic-free cellulose packaging that is 100 percent biologically degradable.

You can dispose of it in the compost bin with no worries, and while you’d never dream of dropping the wrapper on the trail, it’s nice to know it’s 100-percent garden-compostable in the natural environment in about 90 days, completely disappearing after this time. Of course, you can also dispose of the packaging in your trash can, knowing It contains no microplastic and no toxic gases are caused when the refuse is combusted.

Stock up on nature-friendly PowerBars – all at member-specific pricing – on the Pro Offers page right now.