Meet the 2022 PSIA-AASI Awards and Recognition Honorees

PSIA-AASI’s Award & Recognition program recognizes members’ achievements as instructors, leaders, and collaborators in the industry. The National Academy 2022 Awards & Recognition Ceremony took place at the Yellowstone Conference Center in Big Sky, Montana, on April 20, 2022.

Educational Excellence

Ron LeMaster was posthumously honored with the Educational Excellence Award. This award recognizes members who authored or helped develop educational materials or resources related to teaching snowsports or the snowsports industry. Ron authored and developed educational materials including books and photo montages that added significantly to, and changed, the educational direction of PSIA-AASI. He also exhibited dedication, devotion, and self-sacrifice contributing to the PSIA-AASI education system.

Distinguished Service

Katherine Hayes Rodriguez was honored with the Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to support the success of PSIA-AASI and its members. Katherine made important contributions that added to the success of PSIA-AASI and its members on a national scale, displayed long-term commitment and dedication by providing educational programming and support, demonstrated positive leadership skills, as well as fostered connections with and between members, including serving as a mentor.

Lifetime Achievement

Charles (Charlie) Rockwell and Jani Sutherland were individually honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes exceptional members who developed and implemented programs, projects, and procedures affecting the association on a national level while demonstrating dedication, devotion, and self-sacrifice serving in their role. Both Charlie and Jani designed and implemented programs, projects, and procedures affecting the association on a national level and exhibited dedication serving in their national leadership positions.

3 C’s Award

Michael Mendrick was honored with the 3 C’s Award – Collaboration, Communication, Cooperation. This award recognizes members who demonstrated positive leadership within their snowsport school or division through consistent collaboration, communication, and cooperation with peers and guests – they serve as role models for others. Michael consistently collaborated, communicated, and cooperated with peers, school management, and other departments, and demonstrated, through his behavior, the positive leadership essential to the success of his peers.

Top of the Course Award

Gina Basiliere was honored with the Top of the Course award. This award recognizes members who scored at the highest percentile in people, teaching, and skiing or snowboarding technical knowledge; and who empowered other candidates during the level II or III exam process. Candidates must have scored at the highest percentile in all three categories (teaching, people, and technical) in their level II or III exams, demonstrated exemplary willingness to empower other exam candidates to achieve success during their exams, showed exceptional compassion and understanding for the needs of others, and elevated peer performance for a more positive exam environment.

Angus Graham Rising Star Award

Stevie Lund (2019) and Dylan Ault (2021) were honored with the Angus Graham Rising Star Award.

This award recognizes standout members who show promise charting a career path within the snowsport industry. Stevie and Dylan demonstrate positive leadership behavior within the snowsports industry, show extraordinary promise charting a career path, serve as a volunteer leaders, and distinguish themselves in a fashion that is truly exemplary.

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