New Videos with Tips from the Team Help You Ride and Teach

A new video series from the AASI Snowboard Team gives you guidance on performing various maneuvers and is another means to help you connect with students as you help them perfect their technique.

The short and succinct videos demonstrate the best techniques for performing popular maneuvers in and out of the park. The videos feature AASI Snowboard Team Assistant Coach Tony Macri, as well as team members Chris Rogers, Lyndsey Stevens, and Matt Larson.

“Our aim with these trick tips is to illustrate the Learning Connection Model at a high level,” said Tony. “This is shown as we explain rider movements and how they affect the board’s performance.”

He said that the series is ongoing and will continue to grow, so be sure to check back for new videos as they’re added.

As video becomes the norm for quick tips to improve just about any facet of skill, it’s important for PSIA-AASI to be out front with ski and snowboard instructional videos. Over the last few years, PSIA-AASI has significantly increased its presence with online video content, including e-learning modules, YouTube video series, and partnerships with PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Burton and brands like REI.

Videos are all quick 1–2-minute videos that break down the progressions so you can view them as a refresher on the chair or the slopes.

“Another great aspect of these videos is that you can share them with students through PSIA-AASI’s social media and YouTube channels, giving you a valuable point-of-contact to solidify your lesson takeaways and drive future lessons,” said Chris.

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