Goal Setting with Brian Donovan

Instructors and athletes at the top of their craft know there’s always room for professional development. They’re also adept at formulating a strategy to successfully reach their goals.

This series of stories focuses on how team members set goals and build plans to achieve their goals. Learn from AASI Snowboard Team member Brian Donovan as he shares his insight and find takeaways for your own approach.

Brian’s Goals for the Season

Goals: I’m working on keeping my descriptions short and to the point. I’m also making sure my demos knock it out of the park so my students can hear AND visualize the information I’m trying to convey. My goal is to maximize learning by making certain my students fully understand the information!

My Goal Plan: My plan is to focus on active listening and check for understanding. I’ll also use feedback from colleagues on my descriptions and demos. I’ll do this by performing riding demos and asking other trainers if they can pick out the movement or outcome I’m trying to highlight.

Resources to Use: I’m psyched on the Performance Guides! It’s super rad that members, resort trainers, and education staff will all have the same guide to use when training.

How you can Use this Plan: Get out and ride, you can’t fake mileage! Have some fun and get out and slide.