New PSIA-AASI 60th Anniversary Podcasts: Intro & Part One

When PSIA’s seven founders sat down to form the Professional Ski Instructors of America in May 1961 at Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana, they had one goal: To create a standard of consistency for ski instruction that would help draw new participants to the sport from across the nation.

Now, six decades later, PSIA-AASI teaches everyone how to enjoy more than just alpine skiing; welcoming every snowsports discipline, ability, and person. This new PSIA-AASI First Chair podcast series takes a closer look at six of the greatest breakthroughs the association has achieved for the benefit of skiers and snowboarders. Listen to these podcasts, then visit the 60th Anniversary page to learn more.

Eliza Kuntz and Nicholas Herrin 60th Anniversary Introduction

Hear from PSIA-AASI Board of Directors’ Chair, Eliza Kuntz, and PSIA-AASI CEO, Nicholas Herrin, in this podcast about why this 60th anniversary is so important and what the next six podcasts for this series will cover.

Part One: The Skills Concept

In part one of this six-part podcast series, listen to Jens Husted and Mike Porter discuss The Skills Concept, one of the six most notable teaching benchmarks from the past 60 years. The Skills Concept is a simplified teaching system based on rotary movements, edging, and pressure control that allows instructors to teach to each student’s immediate needs.