Nordica’s New Unleashed Line is for Skiers Who Live Off-Piste

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Nordica’s Unleashed Ski Collection, new for 2022-23, is made for skiers who spend their days in the woods, chasing pow, and getting creative on mixed terrain.

“With an emphasis on versatility, these skis provide the perfect blend of playfulness and performance, enabling skiers to transform the entire mountain into their personal playground,” shared Nordica.

Designed to easily handle diverse terrain and variable conditions, Unleashed skis feature a new shape with steeper shovels for easy tip initiation and soft snow deflection, along with turned up tails for easy swiveling and riding switch.

The collection includes the 108, 98, and 90, and the 98 W and 90 W. Construction wise, the 108, 98, and 98 W feature a carbon reinforced wood core with a sheet of Nordica’s Terrain Specific Metal (TSM), a lightweight layer of metal tuned specifically for each model based on underfoot width and intended ski use.

Combined with Nordica’s True Tip Technology, the construction reduces weight, enhances edge hold, and dampens vibrations for smooth easy-turning skis while maintaining the power and stability.

The 90 and 90 W feature a lightweight carbon wood core without TSM and True Tip Technology. With six models in the Unleashed collection, the line is built for those who ski groomers mostly to get to the terrain they really want to ski.

Construction Features Include:

  • Terrain Specific Metal (TSM) layer (108, 98, and 98 W)
  • Poplar/Beech wood core
  • Carbon Chassis, proprietary blend of carbon and fiberglass
  • True Tip Technology, less ABS plastic in the tip reduces swing weight (108, 98, and 98 W)