Goal Setting with Tony Macri

Instructors and athletes at the top of their craft know there’s always room for professional development. They’re also adept at formulating a strategy to successfully reach their goals.

This series of stories focuses on how team members set goals and build plans to achieve their goals. Learn from AASI Snowboard Team Assistant and Development Coach Tony Macri as he shares his insight and find takeaways for your own approach.

Tony’s Goals for the Season

Goals: One of the most important aspects of being a good trainer is the ability to bring soft skills to life on snow. It’s easy to stand around and talk about concepts with a group of instructors, however, using fun activities to help drive home your points helps your trainees absorb the content. I’m going to continue to challenge myself to always keep my clinics moving and while keeping them engaged and interactive. When you can create a memorable experience your audience will remember the content.

My Goal Plan: First, I’ll continue to challenge myself to keep moving projects across the finish line. One of my roles as a development coach is to help my teammates bring some of their great ideas to life. I would like to see this in the form of more resources and content for our membership. Another aspect of my plan is to continue to drive the Freestyle Standards and Performance Guide to completion.

Resources to Use: The resources I’ll use are mainly fellow team and task force members. I’ll also create videos and articles to help get some of these projects sorted. Most of all, we’ve created a Google Doc that is a living document of ongoing projects that serves as a to do list.

How You Can Use this Plan: I hope you use some of the trick tip videos we’ve been posting on social media. I also hope you adapt the idea of bringing softer topics to life with creative methods of delivery. And I hope we can all continue to hold ourselves up to high standards and always challenge ourselves as we continue to grow as educators.