Goal Setting with Christina Bruno

Learn what PSIA-AASI National Team member Christina Bruno is working on this season.

Instructors and athletes at the top of their craft know there’s always room for professional development. They’re also adept at formulating a strategy to successfully reach their goals.

This series of stories focuses on how team members set goals and build plans to achieve their goals. Learn from PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team member Christina Bruno.

Christina Bruno’s Goals for the Season

Goals: I’m focusing on my riding skills, both on my snowboard and in my adaptive equipment. There’s always room to advance one’s skills.

My Goal Plan: Balancing travel, work, family, and personal development is a challenge. When I get busy it’s often easiest to cut out the time I’ve committed to training and development. To stay focused, I schedule development days in my calendar. On these days I’ll train, attend an event, or audit another examiner. I also set a specific focus for each week so I can concentrate on improving one skill at a time.

Resources to Use: I structure specific days to train with peers who are outside of my friend circle. Why? Working with instructors I’m not close with gives me new insight and feedback. I also use videos to work on my technique with coaches who aren’t based at my home resort.

How You can Use this Plan: Partnering with another instructor will help hold you accountable, so you’re more likely to spend time training. When I trained for my Adaptive Level III assessment, my training buddies helped me set goals and stay motived. It made the process a fun, and successful, experience. Working together was instrumental to all of us passing.

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