Givego is Your Key to Personalized Coaching

Give yourself the gift of better skiing and riding this year by unlocking your special offer from PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Givego. Instant instruction and connection has never been easier. Now you can connect with, and learn from, the instructor of your choice, no matter the distance between you.

To use Givego’s state-of-the-art online teaching system, upload videos of your skiing or riding to get personalized, precise tips from PSIA-AASI National Team members.

Givego founder Willie Ford started the platform to bring world-class instruction to the masses through easy-to-use technology that is safe, affordable, and impactful. Since Willie and his team launched Givego, they’ve connected over 500 experts in more than 10 sports to students thousands of times.

“Givego is really easy. You simply upload a video of yourself skiing, tell your pro what you’re working on, and in return, you’ll receive personalized coaching from the PSIA or AASI pro of your choice,” Willie said. “You can even take lessons from PSIA-AASI National Team members on Givego, making it possible for you to connect and learn from the best instructors in the world.”

After you complete your first session on Givego, you unlock the ability to message and communicate with the expert who coached you.

Willie said, “After a lesson, ninety-three percent of all Givego users say they feel more confident and improved much faster than they had expected.”

The majority of Givego users subscribe to Givego Gold, which gives them full access to all content, 20 percent off on direct connect sessions, and 12 community, also called FastPass, sessions.

Community or FastPass sessions are the fastest way to receive a response. Send your session to the PSIA-AASI team on Givego, and whichever pro is available will respond first.

Watch this video to learn more, then log in to the PSIA-AASI Pro Offers page and see how you can make Givego start working for you.