See Clearly in Any Light Condition with Giro Vivid Lens Technology

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Giro’s Vivid Technology gives you the options and performance you need to quickly adapt to changing light conditions on the slopes.

In partnership with ZEISS® optical system, Giro created the patented Vivid technology to optimize vision in all snow-affected light environments. Vivid technology does this by blocking out the spectrum of light that creates flat light conditions.

More importantly, Vivid allows in the spectrum of light that improves contrast in snow conditions – the blue light part of the spectrum. The result is maximum contrast so you can see the details of the terrain you’re riding, while getting UV protection.

When you can’t see the slope clearly, your confidence diminishes. According to Giro, “Our goal in creating Vivid was to kill flat light and give you high-contrast vision so you can read terrain clearly and ride more freely, more powerfully, and more decisively.”

Simply put, Vivid is great technology for snowsports instructors, and all interchangeable goggles come with two Vivid lenses, including a second lens for low light days.

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