Learn More About Burton’s Commitment to Sustainability

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Burton is known for its high-quality products and an innovative edge that continues to push the boundaries of snowboarding with regard to accessibility, as well as skill and style.

The brand is also committed to sustainability, for the sport and the planet. According to Burton’s sustainability statement, “To us, success means maximizing our positive social impact as we minimize our environmental impact. Our goals are structured so that we can’t succeed as a business without succeeding at sustainability.”

Here are three ways Burton is using fewer resources and better materials to continue to build the highest quality products, positively impact the lives the brand touches across the world, and lead by example.

We’re only as good as the impact we have, so we’re investing to improve the lives of everyone that we engage with, all over the world. From the highest standards in international human rights at our factories, to protecting our familial culture, to considering every person that wears our products: We want to make the most positive impact possible on everyone around us.

Sustainable Culture

Our culture is our foundation, and our biggest asset that we’ve been building since day one. Organic garden plots, skate ramps, and 150 dogs onsite, free locally roasted and organic coffee, espresso and fruit every morning, local kombucha on tap, and local organic soap throughout headquarters. We offer free DIY courses at lunch on topics like winter bike commuting, raising backyard chickens, brewing beer, and fermented foods. Flexible schedules, free season passes to our local mountains, and the no-work-on-a-powder-day perk is popular, too.

Fair Labor Association

We’re committed to ensuring safe conditions, ethical treatment, and fair labor practices throughout our company and our supply chain. We monitor factories’ adherence to our standards and provide resources to assist in implementing best practices. Burton’s supply chain social responsibility program was accredited by the Fair Labor Association in 2020. The FLA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting workers’ rights and to improving working conditions globally through adherence to international standards.

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