Carv Turns Your Boots into Your Personal Ski Coach

New PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Carv’s advanced wearable sensor system turns your ski boots into a personal coach.

Packed with 36 pressure sensors and a motion sensor in each insert, Carv is built to withstand hard days of skiing. The system fits under the liner of your boot, so you can use it in custom molded ski boots, stock boots, or even rentals.

The Carv coaching revolution combines advice from the best instructors in the world with the power of data science and game design to improve the feedback you get with every coaching session. Real-time feedback helps you improve your form faster, from balance to pressure control and confidence from the racecourse to the steeps.

See how you can integrate Carv into your own personal training regimen this season to master your pressure control, increase your edge angle, and ski with efficient technique.

Just like you, Carv provides personalized advice. It analyzes your technique and shows you – in real time – which areas of your skiing will provide your next breakthrough.

Check the Pro Forms page to see where Carv can take your skiing this season.

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