National Team Members Share their Best Summer Fun

PSIA-AASI National Team members are spending quality time outdoors this summer, and challenging themselves to learn new skills and sports.

“I like mountain biking, hiking, and paddle boarding, but this summer I’ve picked up a couple new activities,” said AASI Snowboard Team member Lyndsey Stevens. “In the spring, I learned more about golf. One day, I found myself chatting with my friend Derek, who is a snowboard instructor at Beaver Creek, who said, ‘I’m just learning how to golf too, it’s kind of like throwing a front side 360 on a snowboard.’”

“A week later I had my first lesson from my friend Richelle, another Beaver Creek snowboard instructor, ”said Lindsey. “And I could not believe how helpful Derek’s analogy was.”

Lyndsey’s also tried wake-surfing, and said, “Carving water is a little strange but feels somewhat familiar. It’s great to try new things. As coaches, the more things we experience, the better we are at using teaching for transfer.”

PSIA Alpine Team member Brenna Kelleher spends her summers kayaking, riding bikes and horses, and selling real estate. Last summer, she treated herself to a new bike. This summer, she got Jolene, a new horse.

She said that while summer fires forced her to spend more time indoors and at the gym, she is staying positive and looking forward to spending more time with members this fall.

For AASI Snowboard Team Coach Eric Rolls a 10-day trip on the San Juan River, camping in Zion National Park with his wife and two kids, and another 10-day trip to meet up with family in Whitefish, Montana, packed his summer full of adventure.

“I’ve returned to work at Park City Mountain and it’s exciting to prepare for the upcoming season,” said Eric. “Which includes focusing on various PSIA-AASI task forces and looking forward to completing and sharing the performance guides and universal assessment forms.”

In the meantime, he added, “I’m in the process of landscaping our entire property in SLC, which is hard work with shovels, rakes, and heavy equipment. I feel more fit than I have in the past few years and it’s satisfying to see the results of my hard work.”