National Team 2021-24: Meet Brenna Kelleher

Brenna Kelleher is a member of the 2021-24 PSIA-AASI National Team where she will help set the standard for snowsports instruction. PSIA-AASI hand-selected the 37 team members – 8 coaches and 29 team members – for their range of skills that allow them to serve as inspirational leaders and build enthusiasm for learning and having fun skiing and riding.

Listen to PSIA Alpine Team member Brenna Kelleher in this podcast.

Brenna Kelleher

Where is your home mountain?

Big Sky, Montana

What other occupations are you involved in?

I work in real estate and as a whitewater kayak instructor.

Describe a teaching or learning experience that sticks out in your mind.

There are a lot of single moments. I enjoy getting people to realize their potential both on and off snow. Skiing is a great vessel to highlight someone’s potential.

What are your specialties as a team member?

I grew up ski racing and am good at coaching people to go faster with better technique. This transfers into confidence, the confidence to go anywhere on the mountain and explore while feeling powerful doing it!

Any relevant certifications?

Alpine Level III. Children’s Specialist 2. Wilderness First Responder. Pilot License. 2001 World Champion Freestyle Kayaking.

Is there anything we missed asking?

Everyone has their own style in skiing, own it!

Who is your greatest inspiration as an instructor?

Kayak coach Whitney Lonsdale. The lesson is to always show empathy, but push people, too.

Best part of teaching?

Every day is a new day. Make it as good as you can and strive to get everyone stoked on skiing. Or restoke the stoke.

What’s your favorite run at your home mountain?

Too many to say and all for different reasons. Guess you would have to come ski with me to know.