Team Selection 2021: ONEteam + A New Era of Learning

The on-snow portion of Team Selection 2021 kicks off at Breckenridge, Colorado next week, April 18-22, with 78 top snowsports instructors vying for a spot on the PSIA-AASI National Team.

It will be the first-in person component of selection. In response to COVID-19 and to meet social distancing precautions – which resulted in PSIA-AASI postponing Team Selection last year – all of the candidates completed the indoor aspect of their presentations prior to traveling to Colorado.

“Pivoting to a digital interview is the easiest decision we have made during this different-than-normal selection process,” Matt Boyd, PSIA-AASI Alpine Assistant and Development Coach said last week. “Although in-person is always preferable, the comfort we have all gained with platforms like Zoom made the decision to use online presentations a no brainer.”

How the ONEteam Approach Supports Members

Along with its mission to support PSIA-AASI’s vision: “Create lifelong adventures through education,” the team also supports the ONEteam concept that encourages collaboration through learning and growth across all snowsports disciplines. The 2021 selection outcome will build a team that best represents the Learning Connection, highlighted in the Teaching Snowsports Manual.

“The ONEteam concept has allowed us to think about and consider different approaches to the selection process. In a year like this, it’s more important than ever,” said AASI Snowboard Team Coach Eric Rolls. “Just like creating a national team with a variety of strengths, having a team of coaches with varying strengths has proven very valuable.”

Eric added that creating alignment with a talented and experienced group of leaders takes work, “And we are all dedicated to it. Having passionate candid conversations and supporting each other is part of building a highly functional team. I am optimistic about the years ahead.”

At the same time, the selection process creates an environment where the team coaches can continue to learn about and plan for future opportunities that will benefit the entire association in years to come.

“Some of the things we as coaches are planning and facilitating in this selection include, how to create an ideal environment for the candidates to be and show their most authentic self,” Tony Macri, AASI Snowboard Assistant and Development Team Coach. “It’s important to choose a group of people that will work well together but at the same time bring several different sets of skills to the table. Ideally, with a diverse group of individuals, that will continue to grow our organization and serve our membership.”

Watch the Team Announcement Live

You can watch the team announcement live on YouTube at 6 p.m. MDT on Thursday, April 22, and follow along with fellow members, candidates, selectors, and other honored guests to learn who will serve on the 2021-24 PSIA-AASI National Team.

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