Burton Builds Custom Adaptive Gear to ‘Break Barriers’ to Riding

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Burton Snowboards’ commitment to breaking down the barriers to snowboarding includes creating custom adaptive gear to help riders of all backgrounds enjoy the sport.

A recent article on the brand’s website details how they have built custom gear for Holly Palmer, a Telluride-based snowboarder who was “born with Achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that prevents the changing of cartilage (particularly in the long bones of the arms and legs) into bone.”

According to the article, “Many of the challenges Holly has faced have revolved around gear. Does it fit? Can she get the gear on and off easily? Does it function in a way that supports her riding? Does she feel good using it? This is where our product development and prototyping teams come in, as well as our partners at Microsoft.”

Burton founder Jake Burton Carpenter was passionate about customization, as he saw that riders had a natural tendency to tweak their gear to their needs that set them apart from other outdoor enthusiasts.

Burton opened a whole laboratory dedicated specifically to R&D called Craig’s Prototype Facility, where rider’s unique needs are met in unprecedented ways.

A Commitment to Breaking Down Barriers

Burton recently honored the American Association of Snowboard Instructors with the brand’s first ever Breaking Down Barriers Award during the NSAA Winter Conference and Tradeshow.

Jeff Boliba, Vice President of Sport & Participation at Burton Global presented the award noting that for over the last 20 years, Burton and AASI have worked together to break down barriers to snowboarding.

“We worked together to break down the myth that kids couldn’t snowboard, and created a series of myth-busting videos,” said Jeff. “Our newest venture will focus on adaptive snowboarding in a partnership with AASI to create an adaptive snowboard manual, e-learning course, and training so that anyone has the opportunity to snowboard.”

Learn more about this award, and Burton’s commitment to breaking down barriers to the sport in this First Chair podcast with Boliba.

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