Burton Honors AASI with First Ever Breaking Down Barriers Award

Burton Snowboards honored the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) with the brand’s first ever Breaking Down Barriers Award during the NSAA Winter Conference and Tradeshow Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021.

Jeff Boliba, Vice President of Sport & Participation at Burton Global presented the award noting that for over the last 20 years, Burton and AASI have worked together to break down barriers to snowboarding.

“We worked together to break down the myth that kids couldn’t snowboard, and created a series of myth-busting videos,” said Jeff. “Our newest venture will focus on adaptive snowboarding in a partnership with AASI to create an adaptive snowboard manual, e-learning course, and training so that anyone has the opportunity to snowboard.”

PSIA-AASI Director of Education Dave Schuiling, AASI Snowboard Team Coach Eric Rolls, and PSIA-AASI Adaptive Task Force member Christina Bruno accepted the award.

An adaptive snowboarder at dsusa 2014

Partnership Shifts Focus to Adaptive Snowboarding

“Burton’s partnership with AASI has pushed the boundaries of snowboarding,” said Christina. “Most recently, Burton and AASI are focusing on expanding adaptive snowboard resources by developing a more comprehensive, updated adaptive snowboard manual.”

She added, “I’m helping to create a new adaptive snowboard manual as part of my capstone project for my Outdoor Industry MBA at Western Colorado University. The project has involved coordinating input from adaptive instructors, adaptive program directors, and adaptive examiners from around the country. The manual will serve as a resource to address the needs of adaptive programs, volunteers, and instructors who may not have access to an adaptive snowboard trainer.”

Currently, the Adaptive Task Force, adaptive snowboard examiners, and adaptive snowboard instructors are reviewing the manual.

a snowboarder teaches a kid to snowboard at interski 2019

Collaboration Supports Accessibility to Snowboarding

Jeff said Burton has been an AASI partner since PSIA created the snowboard specific association in 1997. He explained the partnership is important for both entities, “Because we don’t just cooperate, we collaborate. We work on common goals that are actual and intentional, creating everything from learning tools to performance products, and we continue to build on them every year.”

Dave added, “AASI’s long-standing partnership with Burton has been a true push and pull collaboration to continually stretch the boundaries of what is possible in the snowsports industry. The relationship has always been focused on progression in growing the sport and providing more opportunities for participation and growth.”

Eric said he was especially proud of how the award recognized the hard work of previous AASI Team members and looks forward to building on their success in coming years.

“There is a great sense of pride and honor for the current and alumni AASI Teams to be recognized in our efforts to grow snowboarding,” Eric said. “The partnership between AASI and Burton has a long successful history, and it’s through our collaboration that we have been able to make an even bigger impact on accessibility for more diverse populations to be a part of the snowboard community. With Jeff Boliba’s big brave ideas, Burton’s influence and resources, and AASI’s dedication and talent, we will continue breaking down barriers in the snowsports industry.”

Jeff added, “Breaking down barriers echoes the spirit of Jake and Donna’s (Burton Carpenter) original vision for the brand for this to be a sport everyone can enjoy – and enjoy anywhere.”