Education Task Force Highlight: Leigh Pierini

The Education Task Force Highlight Series spotlights education leaders working to create new Certification Standards, education resources, and communication strategies that will benefit all members.

In this highlight, we sit down with Women’s Initiative Task Force member Leigh Pierini.

What task force are you on?

I’m on a few task forces. The WIT (Women’s Initiative Task Force), the QAE (Quality, Assurance, and Enhancement Task Force), and I’m helping plan the Women’s Summit.

Current snowsports job title?  

  • Director of Snowsports at Leading Edge Snowsports Training School in Woodstock, Vermont
  • Staff Trainer at Killington, Vermont
  • PSIA-E Education Staff

Brief bio?

I have lived in many ski towns, and am honored to have worked as an Education Staffer at multiple division — including Eastern, Western, Intermountain, and Rocky Mountain. I have served on boards, alpine steering committees, and have held chair positions in most of these divisions. I became an Examiner at the age of 24, and am still loving every day I get to serve our membership!

Current role on the task force?

I am one serving member (of seven) on WIT, and I’m the WIT representative on the QAE task force, and the Chair of the Women’s Summit Task Force.

What are the task force’s main goals?  

  • WIT: Our main objective is to increase the number of women in leadership roles throughout PSIA-AASI. WIT advocates for women by supporting specific educational opportunities to aid this objective. WIT seeks ways to invest in women through educational programming, women’s events, financial support, and mentoring both at the division and national level.
  • QAE: Our main goal is to provide Quality Assurance and Enhancement nationwide by partnering with Penn State throughout all eight divisions. We work on creating best practices across the board, focusing on education to our Education Staff, and identifying opportunities for growth to better serve our members.
  • Women’s Summit: Our main goal is to provide a kick-ass virtual summit to our female membership since we are not able to have an in-person event this year! Then we will continue to plan for our Stowe, Vermont Women’s Summit 2022!

Why is it important to work for the benefit of other members?

Who and where would we be without or members?! The membership’s positive experience with PSIA-AASI is what drives me!

What’s the fun factor?

It’s all about the people and skiing! Skiing is the Best. Thing. Ever! Ski people are my people, and I can’t imagine my life without the friendships I have made through this sport and this association. I can get my laughs in, work up a sweat, and get my “learn” on, après ski, all with my friends from this organization!