New Online Courses from PSIA-AASI and SKI Magazine

PSIA-AASI teamed up with SKI Magazine to bring you a series of online video courses you can take at your own pace, and access via members-only pricing. The two newest courses focus on How to Ski Powder, and How to Ski Trees.

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How to Ski Powder

Pro skier Wendy Fisher and PSIA Alpine Team member Ann Schorling show you how to get more comfortable in all types of soft snow. In this five-part e-learning class, go through the tactics and techniques you’ll need to master soft snow including drills you can do on groomers to improve your turning, balance, speed management, and overall confidence. Click here for members-only pricing on the How to Ski Powder course.

How to Ski Trees

If you’ve ever steered clear of enticing terrain because you weren’t confident you could ski in harmony with the trees, this course is for you. With the guidance of pro skier Daron Rahlves and PSIA Alpine team member, Jennifer Weier, you’ll learn how to build your confidence and vastly expand the terrain accessible to you. Click here for members-only pricing on the How to Ski Trees course.