PSIA-AASI Welcomes Crosson Ski as an Official Supplier

Crosson Ski joins PSIA-AASI as an Official Supplier, offering members exclusive pro pricing on its line of high performance skis, as well as an affiliate program that rewards ski instructors.

The team behind the American-made ski company includes founder Chase Englehart and ski racing icons Bode Miller, Bryon Friedman, and Jeff Olson. Crosson is debuting with the Dissenter Series and Cloud Series.

“All my experience is built into these skis,” said Olympic and World Cup Champion Miller, who is the Chief Innovation Officer at Crosson Ski. “Our smart ski sensors revolutionize instruction and our affiliate program pays ski pros, professionally.”

Miller said that when he saw how Englehart was pioneering carbon fiber skis he cold-called him to learn more about the project. “I have tried to make skis entirely out of carbon before, but I never got it exactly right,” he said. “Combining carbon, metal, and rubber is an art and I wanted to hear how he was doing it.”

Chase launched Crosson Ski with the goal of perfecting the carbon ski. His background in aviation and aerospace gives him a unique approach to ski innovation. He said of partnering with PSIA-AASI, “During these unique times, we understand skiing is a privilege. With bluebird and blower days ahead this season, we are excited to raise the bar and leave good tracks together.”

Dissenter Series

The new Dissenter Series inspires a renaissance in turning on-piste, off-piste, and in-pow all over the mountain. It includes:

  • 78mm (hard snow carver) underfoot
  • 98mm (soft snow carver)
  • 118mm (pow pow)

Miller said of the new series, “I was a dissenter as an athlete. Today, my dissent is making great skis for everyday skiers. A really well made ski should elevate your recreation, at any level. The goal is to re-educate and empower skiers on what skiing can really be like, and that starts with choosing the right tool for the job.”

Cloud Series

The carbon fiber Cloud Series maximizes material performance, and is made with a proprietary and unprecedented 13 layers of carbon and two layers of vulcanized rubber to dampen chatter. The Cloud lineup is strong, lightweight, and built for anything from hardpack to deep pow to long backcountry ski tours. It includes:

  • 95mm (Cirrus) underfoot
  • 103mm (Cumulus)
  • 103mm touring (Stratus)
  • 115mm (Nimbus)

Log in to the Pro Offers page, and click on the Crosson Ski logo to learn more about this new Official Supplier and its affiliate program.