Official Supplier Phunkshun Celebrates America Recycles Day

November 15 is America Recycles Day, an annual event that is near and dear to the heart of PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Phunkshun.

Founded by longtime Copper Mountain Ski and Ride School Instructors Lanny Goldwasser and Jason Badgely in Silverthorne, Colorado, in 2011, Phunkshun is all about making cool, fun products that meet the technical needs of instructors who work all day on the hill. The brand built its reputation among fellow instructors first, then expanded into retail.

As professionals who rely on a healthy environment for their livelihood, sustainability – and recycling – have always been central to Phunkshun’s business model.

“We truly believe in being part of the solution,” said Jason. “All of our products have incorporated using fabric fibers made from recycled plastic bottles, and we’ve specifically chosen Repreve as our primary fiber provider. Their quality is unmatched and they are the only recycled fiber manufacturer that has a system in place to test and certify that an item was made using recycled content fiber.”

Phunkshun bottles to mask graphic

Plastic bottles used for the fiber are sourced domestically, ensuring less transit and helping keep local rivers, mountains, forests, and communities clean.

“We also have an over ninety percent diversion rate from our facility, with the goal to hit ninety-five percent by the end of 2021,” Jason said. “Our entire facility is wind power credit offset, and we’re continuously improving the facility to use less power, use power more efficiently, and look at other ways to reduce our footprint.”

Jason said the brand wants to be part of the solution, as the snowsports industry and its participants have a vested interest in a clean environment, both for their livelihood and their lives.

As for how other members can make their own positive impact, Jason said, “It starts with simple awareness and small steps. Throw your recyclables in the recycling bin and not the trash. Be aware of what you buy, is it recycled, can it be recycled after it is used. Speak to your guests about the impact they can have by following these steps as well.”

Log in to the PSIA-AASI Catalog to get member-specific pricing on Phunkshun products, and check out PSIA-AASI’s own Sustainability Policy.