Nominations for PSIA-AASI Awards Due December 31

PSIA-AASI’s Award Program recognizes its members’ achievements as instructors, leaders, and collaborators in the industry. Do you know a member who deserves recognition and honors? Review the award categories, then submit an application by December 31, 2020.

Submit a Nomination

Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes those who’ve made important contributions that have added to the success of PSIA-AASI. These candidates have displayed long-term commitment and dedication by providing educational programming support, or by contributing to group and/or PSIA-AASI National Team efforts that involve important national initiatives.

Other examples of distinguished service may include demonstrating positive leadership skills, fostering connections with and between members, or having a willingness to mentor peers. Members and non-members, including staff, vendors and industry partners, are eligible to receive this award. See past award recipients.

Educational Excellence Award

This award recognizes those exceptional few members who authored PSIA-AASI educational materials over the years. They have added significantly to, and possibly even changed, the educational direction of PSIA-AASI. They have exhibited dedication, devotion and self-sacrifice contributing to the PSIA-AASI educational system, with ten years or more sustained outstanding service. See past award recipients.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes exceptional members who have designed and implemented programs, projects, and procedures affecting the association on a national level. They have exhibited dedication, devotion, and self-sacrifice serving in national level leadership positions. See past award recipients.