PSIA-AASI Partners with SKI Magazine for New ‘How to Ski Powder’ Course

PSIA-AASI partnered with SKI Magazine to create online courses that promote the work you do on snow, and also provide your students an overview of what to expect when they take a lesson.

In this new five-part ‘How to Ski Powder’ e-learning class, PSIA Alpine Team member Ann Schorling and pro skier Wendy Fisher will show you how to get more comfortable in all types of soft snow.

For member-specific pricing, visit the Pro Offer page and select SKI Magazine E-Learning. The course will take you through the tactics and techniques you’ll need to master soft snow, including drills you can do on groomers to improve your turning, balance, speed management and overall confidence.

Get started now, and don’t be left behind on your next powder day.

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