Joshua Fogg’s Top 5 Tips for Teaching Family Lessons

PSIA Alpine Team member Joshua Fogg shares his top 5 tips for teaching family lessons this season.

  1. Stay flexible. You may need to modify an activity or exercise to make it more challenging or easier.
  2. Teach children by creating experiences for them. Kids like to do things. Teach adults by explaining the benefits – or the ‘why and how’ – of specific techniques and exercises.  Understanding the reasons behind why they are doing something can help adults.
  3. Help the family enjoy their day together by teaching them how to navigate the slopes.  Show them how to pace and wait for each other, take runs without losing the group, find challenges, and enjoy being together.
  4. Let the family split up so you can give everyone one on one attention. Everyone doesn’t have to spend every moment together.
  5. Build on the the joy that many parents experience watching their children learn and improve. You can get the parents to join in the infectious fun their kids are having.